Principles of geometry + AntiVJ: a stereoscopic show

AntiVJ has been working on a new format for French retro-futurist electronic producers Principles of Geometry. Using stereoscopy (technology used in IMAX cinemas to watch visuals with 3D glasses) they produced a 50min long real-time journey through space. An exciting experience and a real visual counterpart to the Read more →

AntiVJ is a visual label

Hi there !

I’ve been away from this blog for a while, busy with new projects, editing videos, preparing the new year, and I didn’t have a chance to stop until now..

Great news, I’m proud to announce that we’re about to launch AntiVJ, a new visual label, which is a platform to produce projects based on the visual element. This project is a collaboration with some artists I really like. We became friends and realized we are sharing the same ideas and vision of our work, so we decided the collaborate more put a name on it. Read more →

Radiohead challenges the record industry model

Radiohead’s new album is out today !


And believe it or not, you can pay whatever you want to get it.. “It’s up to you” says, the album’s website, actually the only place where you can download the digital 10 track LP.

When their contract with the records label EMI expired, the band didn’t want to renew it, and decided to produce and distribute their seventh album themself, a choice that would be considered as risky, but Radiohead members don’t seem to care much..

They are well aware that the classic music industry model is Dying Read more →

UVA – New Warp video

UnitedVisualArtists strike again !

This time, the UVA brought their lightning installation skills to a disused Welsh quarry, for the new Warp video (latest Battles single: Tonto), and installed many bright white vertical LED bars in a slate bassin..

Standing up at equal distances, perfectly lined up and leveled, the LEDs becomes a unique light structure at night , controlled via DMX by UVA’s own software. Read more →

Demoscene, realtime et VJing

Il existe une technique toute particulière de créer des visuels, qui as connu son age d’or au milieu des années 90 et sur des ordinateur 100 fois moins puissants qu’aujourd’hui, et qui diffère du tout au tout de la technique répandue actuellement. Elle ne nécessite aucun fichier vidéo, car les images projetées sont générées en temps réel, ce qui engendre à chaque instant des images complètement inédites, à l’inverse du principe même de toute boucle vidéo… Read more →