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AntiVJ Lab: Live painting and mapping

Since the launch of the label, everything is going even faster than before, and we have loads of new projects, ideas and bookings coming up..

I’ve been exploring new fields recently:

- Dome projection, in Bristol planetarium, with the mexican producer Murcof, and the 360° projection format is very immersive, even more than I expected, so I think I’ll carry on with this technique.

- Stereoscopic projection, with polarised filters and silverscreen (same technology as Imax3D), to make visuals appears in 3 Dimensions to the audience. This is also a fascinating technique, and we are investing a lot in this way, and we’ll do more dates soon for the stereoscopic tour, with french band “Principles of Geometry“.
- More experiments, with lights, DMX and perception. Read more →

Un peu de peinture

Enfin un dimanche aprèm ensoleillé à Bristol. L’occasion idéale de se remettre un peu à la peinture (et à l’édition vidéo). Pas vraiment fan du résultat, mais j’aime beaucoup les plans fixes accélérés, la prochaine fois j’y penserais en filmant pour me “dupliquer” plus proprement et jouer avec l’idée.. Read more →