3Destruct in Russia with Onedotzero

3Destruct in Russia with Onedotzero

Onedotzero is a London based organisation, and they love moving image. They curate screenings all around the world, release DVD and books about digital art, and they also have their own festival at BFI London, with screenings, talks, performances and art installations. As a massive fan of their DVD series (a selection of short films, ads, music videos and beautifully produced video content, a huge inspiration and content source for many VJs),  we were really glad to meet them a couple of years ago during the Encounters festival in Bristol.

They contacted us recently to be part of   “Yota space”, a massive exhibition in the center of St Petersburg – Russia, combining interactive art and installations and talks. AntiVJ was then invited to present 3Destruct, one of the first installation that initiated the label, in a new version, from the 6th to the 19th of December 2010.


by Yannick Jacquet, Jérémie Peeters (Visuals)
Thomas Vaquié (music)
Nicolas Boritch (production)

Part of the event were also Quayola, Max Hattler, Field, Memo Atken, UVA, Brian Eno and many others. Here’s a video report of the festival, by onedotzero.

We were also part of onedotzero_adventures in motion in London, with a new installation: Eyjafjallajökull, about the islandic volcano that erupted in May 2010, a very long story (I post something about it soon), also commissioned by onedotzero Director Shane Walter and presented in New York last year.



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