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Nova 3D display in Zurich


When you arrive in Zurich by train, the very first thing you discover from the city is a massive light installation hanging up the ceiling of the train station.


It looks like a big 3D matrix made out of ping-pong ball, where each ball is like a pixel, and can be controlled independently, so it can be used like a 3D screen, and display abstract minimal animations, low-res videos or 3D scenes, which makes it the world-wide first three-dimensional, bivalent color display. Read more →

ANTIVJ – Spring Tour

Quite a lot of bookings in the next two months, especially since the installation I did at clubtransmediale in Berlin with visomat in January, and I received nice feedbacks from festival organisers and promoters. I’ll be on the road for about two months (that’s my first proper “tour”), so if you are around one of these events, and interested in VJing, live visuals, drop me an email an email for guestlist or just to chat and have a pint :)   Read more →