Cuisine 11 – photoshoot

Cuisine 11 – photoshoot

Another great Cuisine night.. It started well a month before with the flyer photoshoot.

No hologram or fancy projections this time, Just a kid and loads of fresh tomatoes. We liked the suspension effect of the milk on the previous flyer, and we wanted to have that kind of frozen movement, so we trowed loads of red tomatoes to Zac, the club manager’s son.


We had to take loads of pictures to get the perfect one (and avoid any photoshoping), and the final photography happened to be one a the first we took, before Zac got very messy and covered with exploded vegetables, as you can see on Alex Turner’s blog.

Thanks Zac for enduring this very juicy hour.

Cuisine 11 flyer - front Cuisine 11 flyer - back

Zac and tomatoes Zac and tomatoes Zac and tomatoes Zac and tomatoes Zac and tomatoes



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