Lightup Bristol

Lightup Bristol

A new very exciting project ! Some Bristolian creative agencies are teaming up to produce and project moving images on the council house building during the week before christmas.

The Lightup Bristol project started last year, with some still images projections designed by Aardman Animations, Play NicelyWatershed, and the organisers were interested in having me on board after seeing my mapping technique on Youtube (mapping on my neighbours house).

A few pictures from last year event:

Light Up Bristol - Designs Light Up Bristol - Designs (Play Nicely) Light Up Bristol - Designs (Richard Windsor) Light Up Bristol - Designs (Genevieve Brown) Light Up Bristol - Designs (Play Nicely) Light Up Bristol - The Evening Light Up Bristol - The Complete Building Light Up Bristol - The Complete Building Light Up Bristol - The Evening Light Up Bristol - lights Light Up Bristol - The Projectors Setup - Generator and Boxes

So we are in charge of the technical management, sourcing the playback hardware / software and I’ll also produce an Audio Visual piece involving multiprojection mapping.Tech specs:
Here are a few few technical details, the biggest mapping I’ve ever done so far.
- 6 * 20 000 lumens projectors, to project on the 160m x 10m facade.
- We’ll use high res visuals: 1024×768 on each projector, so the output image is 6144×768.
- To stream such High res format, we’ll have 2 “killer” media servers, to run very large video files.
- We’ll use the VJ software Arkaos 3.6 to control the video, with multi output and Midi support, we’ll be able to synchronize the visuals together and stream Gigabytes of video very smoothly.
- VVVV will be used to sequence and root midi MIDI signals between computers.

If you are local, and interested to see how the mapping works, you’re more than welcome on College green this Sunday from 6pm.
The projections will run everynight, from Monday 17th to Friday 21st, 6.30pm til 10.  I will do the live A/V performance at 9.45 every evening, so don’t hesitate to come along.
This event is free.

PDF Flyer

There will be an afterparty at the end of the week, Cuisine, the 21st of december at Timbuk2.



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