Off to Austria

Off to Austria

For the last week of the year, I’m having a well deserved few days of holidays, just between Switzerland and Austria, enjoying snowboard (the weather and snow is perfect this week).

The blog will be back in a couple of days with fresh new stuff:
- Lightup Bristol report: video of my set, a 1600 m2 mapping projection.
- Cuisine 12: report of our latest clubnight, with visuals from Digital slaves.
- Inode: a new A/V project, with origamis and a 3D projection in a 4 meters cube.
- AntiVJ: launch a our new visual label.
- An invisible touchscreen interface I’m working on, built with vvvv.

Thanks a lot for all your comments and emails, it’s nice to see that many people interested in live visuals.. The blog gets more and more visitors each month since I did the first post in 2006:

160 000 hits
50 000 unique visitors
20 000 hits / month
videos: 100 000 views

Here are a few other links if you are interested:
FlickrYoutubeMyspace crustea – Myspace AntiVJ – AntiVJ website

I’m going away from the computer now, the snow looks amazing outside :)



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