Paysages Electroniques

Paysages Electroniques

I finally have a bit of time these days to post some news about the tour.. It started really well with a VJ set for a Breaks gig at the Batofar in Paris, where they had an all new video setup, thanks to the resident VJs, Qualityscreen and VJ Eye. I only managed to take one picture, as I was pretty busy trying to get my wiimote to work..


Then after a few days in Rennes, my hometown, I headed to Lille for Paysages Electroniques, a great festival founded by 2 VJs, Céline et Jérôme from zelabo. The audio lineup was pretty cool, with a Mutek night with Akufen, also Yuksek, Cuizinier, and the visual booking was wicked, with probably the best VJ lineup I’ve seen so far (or at least my favorite).


Among the highlights:
- The Audio visual performance: Aviorama from MFO (his vjset at clubTransmediale in January was already impressive) his a “must see” in the few good A/V acts. The 12:3 Multiprojection was also very effective !
- Sanchtv, performed for the first time on a superwide 4 screens setup. He also solved the technical problems we had when he came at cuisine #4, by buying a realtime-processing monster, which allows a 4096×768 render at 60fps with vvvv. Here are his Blog posts before and after the festival.
- Aalto and Ratsi played on sunday, both with their very personnal style and self-produced material, and did a great use of the 2X 8:3 format (thanks to the vga scaler) and did a “jam” at the end, mixing and melting their visuals..


I did a mapping installation, using some strange furniture of the club to project on. It was actually a bit tricky, as the room was very bright during the day, but I finally managed to do the mapping and work on some minimal visuals. My first installation with projections of all the sides of the cubes, I’ll probably carry on this way, to actually “skin” object..


Huge thanks to zelabo for doing such a great event and for the perfect organisation !

Here are more pictures of the festival:



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