Nuit Blanche Bruxelles

Nuit Blanche Bruxelles

Crea composite and AntiVJ teamed up to produce a short ”son et lumière” show for Nuit Blanche Bruxelles on the 4th of October.

We’ve been commissioned by pixlmusic to create a 20 minutes piece to be performed twice during the evening. The content is a mix of 2D / 3D visuals, and also a part with mapping and architecture related projections.

This project was really interesting on the technical side, as the schedule wouldn’t allow us to produce everything on site as we normaly do, so we had to develop a new technique to do the mapping completely remotely, without calibrations or tests on the actual building before the production.

Crea Composite / AntiVJ coproduction:

Visuals production:
- Yannick Jacquet (Legoman)
- Jérémie Peeter (Shirü)
- Joanie Lemercier (crustea)

Sound: Thomas Vaquié
Here’s a short extract of the performance:



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  • cecilia on Sep 22, 2009

    Hi, I am trying to get in touch with you, but I don’t know if I am totally lost and I can’t find your email…
    I am doing a magazine project for my university and I would like to feature some of your work in it. Would that be ok?
    You can contact me to my email if you have any questions.


    Greetings from Argentina


  • Luis Caballero on Aug 04, 2009

    Amazing performance!!! I want to learn more about visual mapping! this is the new thing!

  • blockhead on Jul 14, 2009

    i recall reading somewhere that you will have a tutorial or release your homemade mapping software. is this still in the works, or did you ever release it for public beta play/testing? i’m interested in the technical ways of achieving the mapping with arkaos. i’ve watched tutorials about it with modul8. keep up the good work!

  • Elias Chafino on Jul 03, 2009

    great work congratulations!

  • Renato Forster on Apr 02, 2009


    But, something is bothering me, why is everyone taking pictures with flash ON of a light based projection?
    The flash does not “erase” the projections from the picture? haha I don’t know, maybe I’m being naive. But that it would’ve been even better without all those flash lights during the projections, that is for sure.

  • zeroAcademy on Jan 06, 2009

    cool antivj guys
    that pushing out columns from the wall are astonishing
    great job

  • noizester on Nov 16, 2008

    i am speechless!fantastic work!totally different reality..

  • mathijs on Oct 31, 2008

    That was incredible! Very inspiring! Thank you!

  • Kyle McLean on Oct 13, 2008

    Really enjoyed checking that out. Love your work :)

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