Live Painting – Shackleton

Live Painting – Shackleton

After loads of travels and events abroad, I had a chance to get some rest for a couple of weeks, and stay a bit around Bristol..  I also realized that I haven’t played ‘at home’ for a while, so I was really pleased when I’ve been asked to do some visuals for a Dubstep night at the Croft, which is the place where I did my very first VJ set when I moved to UK, back in 2004.

The organisers were more after a “stage design” rather than a simple screen setup, so it was the perfect occasion to get further in the “live painting” experiments that I did in June.

If you know my work, you’ve probably noticed that I’m obsessed by minimalism, straight lines and geometry, but in the past few months I felt a bit stuck in cubes and grids, (especially after a big project in Shanghai last October, where I stayed in a room with 2500 cubes for 3 weeks) and I wanted to explore new patterns and shapes, so I started drawing more, and playing around with 3D softwares.


I’m fascinated by the work of Martin Böttger (tsaworks), and the way he deconstructs simple 3D objects into organic and very dynamic shapes, and he also works with different mediums (animation, but also paper cuts, sculptures and installations). I’m sure many of you already know his Tractor video (recently featured in the  onedotzero tours), but I also discovered recently his kluster_raum installation and his other works, and I just realized that I’ve been deeply influenced by him on this project.


Here’s a very short video of the preparations (I did many tests and sketches in order to find an interesting shape) and of the actual event: I painted during the afternoon and finished the painting during the night, and then I did an hour of live visuals during Shackleton set.

Thanks a lot to Shackleton, Nicolas Boritch for his help, and Woody for filming.



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  • Al on Sep 04, 2009

    Wow… this is just mindnumbingly beautiful. Stunning!

  • JamesD on Jun 11, 2009

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  • Corticyte on Feb 23, 2009

    Hi, i’m very interested in developing my 2D art into performances like this, are you using the software written by AntiVJ? and are you using a single projector? I’d love to get hold of the software and try it myself. Would it be possible to do this in vvvv or processing?

    Thanks a lot

  • volt'air on Jan 05, 2009

    Nice, as usual…

  • wowflow on Jan 05, 2009

    nice idea – and well done on first glance. Especially doing the live painting the day itself. Keeping on drawing during the vj performance might be a good idea – although probably hard!

  • Udart on Jan 02, 2009

    That looks very nice. Especially with the shadows around the shape.
    How was the setup – I can’t seem to figure out how the shadows were made?

    If you have more of this, do post….

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