Once again we’ve been rather busy lately and this blog has been very quiet, but we settled down a bit last month to put together some reports about a couple of projects we did last year.

Here’s the first video report, and there are many more to come !

So last May, we’ve been commissioned by Montreal based Mutek festival to produce an Audiovisual piece in the Old port. The canvas was an old scaffolding tower built in 1957, and used to load grain into massive ships, to export Canadian cereals all around the world.
In 1983 the 2 twin towers are abandoned, one is completely dismantled and the other is still standing there, as part of Montreal industrial heritage.

We came on site a few weeks before the event to check all technical options, and realized that we couldn’t really project on the rusted structure, as the projections wouldn’t be bright enough, and it would look a bit too chaotic. So we decided to put up a large white “screen”, and used an optical illusion effect to re-project what was hidden behind this screen.  It was an challenging approach, as we try to avoid screen formats as much as possible (this is why we project onto architecture and 3D objects) but it gave us much more freedom for the content production.

Here’s the video report of the piece we presented, which is about this ghost industrial tower and it’s yet disappeared twin.

VISUALS: Olivier Ratsi, Joanie Lemercier
MUSIC: Thomas Vaquié



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  • chris on Jul 08, 2010

    Hey, you’re stuff blows me away every time. I’m quite new in the mapping industry… am i right in thinking you use 3d software to build a replica of the relevant building in order to generate the realistic shadow effects? What software do you prefer to use? I like the look of Motion 4…

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