Romain Tardy and Nosaj Thing

Romain Tardy and Nosaj Thing

Last March, Romain Tardy was invited by Lunchmeat festival to spend 14 days at the meatfactory, an Art space in Prague,  to develop a project for a live performance with the Los Angeles-based abstract hip-hop artist Nosaj Thing.

Even if he had some ideas in mind: sketches, drawings, and inspiring visuals from Nosaj artworks, he decided to restart the project from scratch after spending some time at the meatfactory, and to design the structure while being in the actual venue, and then make this project completely in-situ.

 Material used were paper and pens, wood, foam, paste, light and a computer.

The result is a wooden structure covered by more than 500 polystyrene triangles, blended with a layer of light. This installation completely fades out the boundaries between a DJ booth, a sculpture, a three-dimensional screen, and traditional lighting.

Romain named it Triangles, triangles, triangles (ad lib).

romain tardy and Nosaj thing

One great thing about all these new “post-VJing” formats, is the fact that the work of the artist is not just video-content-production-and-live-mixing anymore, but it can now be a cross over between many disciplines, such as object design, 3d modelling, physical construction of structures, and you can end up working with carpenters, architects, designers, light artists..

Great to see many people get more interest in these new approaches to live visuals, and Romain’s work had a great follow up from Wired, Computer love, fastcodesign (who actually thinks Romain is Nosaj Thing), and many blogs with different interests and focuses.

The Lunchmeat team did a great work at documenting their event ! Here’s a short film about the residency and evolution of Romain’s project, and you can also find online a film about the festival itself, and many things their offered over a couple of days.

You can also find more projects from Romain Tardy on his new website.



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  • Dane on Dec 29, 2011

    Love the work, this is fantastic they were able to pull something together like this – bravo -

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