Cuisine 11 – Sigma6

For this 11th edition of our Cuisine clubnight, we had the brilliant VJ duo “Sigma6″ from Geneva. I’ve met Florian and Eric at the Mapping festival last summer, and then at Tweakfest in Zurich, where we did a workshop and a live set, and we had a chance to share idea and realize we had commons interests in design, visuals installations etc…

So they came to Bristol to perform at our A/V clubnight “Cuisine”, and played together for a couple of hour on a semi transparent screens installation over the crowd (designed by another brilliant Swiss VJ: Lego_man).

They are great producers and have a very special taste for urban slices and industrial architecture visuals, playing efficiently with light, depth and immersive visuals. Read more →

VJschool Interview

We did a new VJschool workshop a couple of weeks ago, as a part of the Compass film festival with conferences, live demos and screenings at the Watershed in Bristol.

I’ve been invited to a local radioshow with one of the Guest Vjs, Spark, to talk about visuals, vjing and cinema.. I’m not quite good at explaining things, but I found Toby captivating: Read more →

Top 20 VJ Competition

The english magazine “Dj Mag” launches his VJ competition for the 4th time.

I like the idea of highlighting and promoting very good VJs, but the magazine really doesn’t reflects the quality and diversity of our scene, and has quite strange rules:


In 2004, for the first VJ Poll, winners AddictiveTV (1st position), Coldcut (5th), Exceeda (10th), D-fuse (12th), Charles Kriel (14th) were also judges for the competition, while VJ Anyone (9th position) was working for the magazine (no blame to them, I just don’t understand how the magazine could allow that). Read more →

Mapping festival

Probably the best “visual festival” ever…


The team behind the VJ Software “Modul8” organised in Geneva the third edition of Mapping,  their audio-visual festival: a great audio lineup (including the amazings Birdy Nam Nam) and a very dense program, with exhibition, VJ sets, talks and workshops. Read more →

Paysages Electroniques

I finally have a bit of time these days to post some news about the tour.. It started really well with a VJ set for a Breaks gig at the Batofar in Paris, where they had an all new video setup, thanks to the resident VJs, Qualityscreen and VJ Eye. I only managed to take one picture, as I was pretty busy trying to get my wiimote to work.. Read more →

Cuisine #4 – video report

Fresh new video report of the 4th Cuisine night, with DJ3000 [UR], Nushitzu… with Sanch and Pikilipita for the visuals..


Flyer and pictures of the night are available on our flickr page.
More details about Sanch and Pikilipita at the VJschool. Read more →