Wiimote to MIDI – Video

Wiimote to MIDI – Video

A short Video demo of me VJing with a wiimote.

Complete tutorial and sources available here:

Other tutorials:
- Wiimote to Midi (PC).
- Wiimote to Midi (PC) french version.
- Wiimote to Midi: VJing video.
- Wiimote to Midi for Ableton Live (PC).
- Wiimote to Midi: Mac & Linux.



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  • tommi on Sep 03, 2010

    ok i think i solved it by RTFM ;)

    btw i’m in the (slow) process of making a glovepie script for resolume if you’re interested

  • tommi on Sep 02, 2010

    hey there,
    i have followed your wiimote to midi tutorial but i can’t find a way to record shaking, only buttons, is there an easy way to register movements?

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