Some of you might have discovered 3Destruct already, as the project was featured in the recent AntiVJ video. It’s an audio visual installation created by a trio of three artists based in Brussels (under the name crea composite):

Legoman (Yannick Jacquet)
Graphic designer, VJ, motion designer
Also, Legoman just joined the Core of AntiVJ.

Shirü (Jérémie Peeters)
Graphic designer, print silkscreener, VJ

Thomas Vaquié
Musician, sound designer, sound engineer

3Destruct is an immersive installation, a large semi transparent cube that generates light an sound, and as the visitor walks through, he loses his landmarks in this non-linear universe that destroys any spacial coherence.

This project has been presented in Belgium (Louvain), Switzerland (Geneva) and Netherlands (Eindhoven) as an installation, and will be presented soon with a live performance.

AntiVJ – 3Destruct from antivj



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