Cuisine bristol

Lightup Bristol

A new very exciting project ! Some Bristolian creative agencies are teaming up to produce and project moving images on the council house building during the week before christmas.

The Lightup Bristol project started last year, with some still images projections designed by Aardman Animations, Play NicelyWatershed, and the organisers were interested in having me on board after seeing my mapping technique on Youtube (mapping on my neighbours house). Read more →

Cuisine 11 – photo report

Here are some pictures from our great resident photographer Alex Turner at Cuisine 11 in November, which gives a pretty good idea about how it was ! Read more →

Cuisine 11 – Sigma6

For this 11th edition of our Cuisine clubnight, we had the brilliant VJ duo “Sigma6″ from Geneva. I’ve met Florian and Eric at the Mapping festival last summer, and then at Tweakfest in Zurich, where we did a workshop and a live set, and we had a chance to share idea and realize we had commons interests in design, visuals installations etc…

So they came to Bristol to perform at our A/V clubnight “Cuisine”, and played together for a couple of hour on a semi transparent screens installation over the crowd (designed by another brilliant Swiss VJ: Lego_man).

They are great producers and have a very special taste for urban slices and industrial architecture visuals, playing efficiently with light, depth and immersive visuals. Read more →

Cuisine 11 – photoshoot

Another great Cuisine night.. It started well a month before with the flyer photoshoot.

No hologram or fancy projections this time, Just a kid and loads of fresh tomatoes. We liked the suspension effect of the milk on the previous flyer, and we wanted to have that kind of frozen movement, so we trowed loads of red tomatoes to Zac, the club manager’s son. Read more →

Cuisine 10 flyer – Making of

A short video of the nice evening we spent in the studio working on the new Cuisine flyer..

The idea of using projections for the photoshoot came from some experiments I did recently, like these fruits projected into an empty plate, which looks a bit like holograms. Read more →

Cuisine #4 – video report

Fresh new video report of the 4th Cuisine night, with DJ3000 [UR], Nushitzu… with Sanch and Pikilipita for the visuals..


Flyer and pictures of the night are available on our flickr page.
More details about Sanch and Pikilipita at the VJschool. Read more →