“Score”, the sound of Antivj by Thomas Vaquie.

“Score”, the sound of Antivj by Thomas Vaquie.

I am currently working on “Score”, an album that will feature a selection of pieces of music that I composed for architectural mapping and installation projects produced by Antivj. A release date is set for October 2012 and we are still in the process of looking for potential partners / label to help releasing the album on vinyl. Feel free to get in touch at hello@antivj.com

In the meantime, here’s a preview of the 3Destruct project soundtrack. This version was composed during a residency at l’Usine Lu, in Nantes (FR),  inside an old factory warehouse. You can find the full length video report and more details in a blog post by Yannick Jacquet, who produced the visual content with the help of Jérémie Peeters.

“COMB”, Thomas Vaquie. This version is a stereo edit of the piece originally produced for a 7 channel system.

This extract is the second part of the piece which was articulated around 3 movements. I started the composition once the visual narrative and dynamics were developed by Yannick Jacquet and Jeremie Peeters. From there i decided to go for a frame based approach to composition and editing and synched every frame over a final video edit. Inspiration had to be found solely in the visual dynamics of those simple visual elements, vectors.

The physical structure of the installation is made of thin vertical stripes of material. This specific canvas created a strong direction for the general aesthetics of the piece. Also, a large part of the piece being based around the idea of streaks pattern, the use of “comb filters” to slice the space both sonically and visually became an obvious choice. And finally for the name of the track.

Streaks pattern, part of the piece aesthetics inspired by the physical structure of 3Destruct.

The 3Destruct video has just been nominated for the vimeo awards in the captured category, please show your support.  You can vote once a day until the 30th of April.

The installation will be touring more this year, keep an eye on the website.





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  • maolampoule on Jan 10, 2013

    alors? tu t’en sors l’ami? t’en es ou de ce projet?
    si tu veux finir au vert… y’a de la place à la maison.
    y’a pas un bruit…
    des biz

  • Thomas on Aug 28, 2012

    I’m not sure. We are working on another project at the moment and it delays production. May be more in november or december… I hope so.

  • Srynerson on Aug 26, 2012

    Any update on whether the album will still make the October 2012 release date?

  • Thomas on Aug 09, 2012

    Hello Mr l’ampoule.

    Pour l’instant je suis en phase de terminer le mixage des morceaux. Après on vas commencer à chercher un label. A priori je devrais pouvoir m’en sortir avec mes fond propre pour cet première étape ! Après, on véras avec le Label. En tout cas je ne manquerais pas de te tenir au courant de l’avancé des opérations. Je te met déjà un exemplaire de coté !
    Merci pour le coup de pouce ! La bise.

  • maolampoule on Jul 27, 2012

    toto !
    tu lances un appel pour avoir des fonds pour ton album?
    je veux bien te refiler un peu d’argent, j’ai pas grand chose mais bon ça peut aider!
    tu lances une souscription?

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