UVA – New Warp video

UVA – New Warp video

UnitedVisualArtists strike again !

This time, the UVA brought their lightning installation skills to a disused Welsh quarry, for the new Warp video (latest Battles single: Tonto), and installed many bright white vertical LED bars in a slate bassin..

Standing up at equal distances, perfectly lined up and leveled, the LEDs becomes a unique light structure at night , controlled via DMX by UVA’s own software.

The visuals, especially produced for the shooting, can appear sometimes very geometrical, or organic, depending on how the lights were triggered. The stone closeups are also quite fascinating, and it reminds kinetic art, as the light “animates” the slate, but in fact the only thing moving is the camera.

The editing is also very well done, with a very interesting evolution and narration on a nearly 8 minutes long format.

Watch the video:

Behind the scenes pictures on Uva’s blog

A video documentary about UVA, and details about Tonto’s video (at the end), part of the great Dazed Digital’s “Seduced by light” series.



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