AntiVJ Lab: Live painting and mapping

AntiVJ Lab: Live painting and mapping

Since the launch of the label, everything is going even faster than before, and we have loads of new projects, ideas and bookings coming up..

I’ve been exploring new fields recently:

- Dome projection, in Bristol planetarium, with the mexican producer Murcof, and the 360° projection format is very immersive, even more than I expected, so I think I’ll carry on with this technique.

- Stereoscopic projection, with polarised filters and silverscreen (same technology as Imax3D), to make visuals appears in 3 Dimensions to the audience. This is also a fascinating technique, and we are investing a lot in this way, and we’ll do more dates soon for the stereoscopic tour, with french band “Principles of Geometry“.
- More experiments, with lights, DMX and perception.

I also did an interesting experiment the other day, I miss a lot painting, as I used to do draw a lot and do graffiti / stencils before, but I’ve been too busy with projectors recently, and a commission for an exhibition in Bristol brought me back into acrylic paint..
I’ve been asked to do a short live performance for the closing of an Art exhibition, and I wanted to use the mapping technique live painting and perspective, so I quickly put together some visuals inspired by a sketch from the light Artist James Turrell.

AntiVJ Lab – Live painting & mapping from antivj.

Thanks to Cristina for filming the performance.



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  • Jacques on Mar 13, 2015

    Hi ! Very interesting work, i like it ! interesting. Just one question: what kind of paint did you use ?

  • aniki on Mar 02, 2009

    realy realy good job… sorry but i can’t don’t try it ^^…. i love ya works, that’s inspire me , thank you …(& i don’t want to just copy ya héhé , i wan’t to go so much highter ^^)

  • LineDot on Jan 22, 2009

    wooooooooow… great job ! i like it !

  • crustea on Nov 28, 2008

    we developed our own software, which should be available soon ! Keep an eye on this blog..

  • aiken on Nov 18, 2008

    hi guy nice job!

    how kind of software use it for mapping??

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