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Wiimote to midi – MAC / LINUX versions

I keep receiving email asking for a wiimote to midi script for Mac.. Unfortunately I don’t use Macs (they are really nice, but too expensive..) so I can’t really help or develop anything for Apple addicts..

But here’s a compilation of the existing tools you can find online to use your Wii controler as a midi device on your Macintosh:

WiiToMidi allows you to convert signals from a Nintendo Wii controller to MIDI signals. Read more →

Wiimote to MIDI – Ableton Live

Following the post I did about using nintendo’s wiimote as a MIDI controller, I had loads of emails about the same issue: People using the popular music sequencer Ableton live, couldn’t setup rotation and acceleration MIDI adresses properly, as the wiimote constantly sends many values, and using ableton’s auto detect function is getting a bit crazy..
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Wiimote to MIDI – Video

A short Video demo of me VJing with a wiimote.

Complete tutorial and sources available here: Read more →

Wiimote to MIDI – English version

Following a large amount of emails I received, I decided to translate in english my recent post dedicated to the new Nintendo’s toy . Released in December 2006, the last console of the Japanese brand, the Wii, claims to be revolutionary by its new user interface, the Wiimote (hydrid of gamepad, remote control and movements sensor ), which completely changes the manner of playing by putting at contribution the player, who can from now interact more naturaly with the game, rather than simply press buttons. Read more →

Wiimote to MIDI

Un Post dédié au nouveau “jouet” de Nintendo.. Sortie en décembre 2006, la dernière console de la marque Nippone, la Wii, se veut révolutionnaire par sa nouvelle interface utilisateur, la Wiimote (un hydride de gamepad, de télécommande et de capteur de mouvements), qui change complètement la manière de jouer en mettant à contribution le joueur, qui peut désormais “mimer” les actions (tennis, combats..) plutôt que de simplement presser des boutons. Read more →