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Live Painting – Shackleton

After loads of travels and events abroad, I had a chance to get some rest for a couple of weeks, and stay a bit around Bristol..  I also realized that I haven’t played ‘at home’ for a while, so I was really pleased when I’ve been asked to do some visuals for a Dubstep night at the Croft, which is the place where I did my very first VJ set when I moved to UK, back in 2004.

The organisers were more after a “stage design” rather than a simple screen setup, so it was the perfect occasion to get further in the “live painting” experiments that I did in June.
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Un peu de peinture

Enfin un dimanche aprèm ensoleillé à Bristol. L’occasion idéale de se remettre un peu à la peinture (et à l’édition vidéo). Pas vraiment fan du résultat, mais j’aime beaucoup les plans fixes accélérés, la prochaine fois j’y penserais en filmant pour me “dupliquer” plus proprement et jouer avec l’idée.. Read more →